Young Democrats

The Young Democrats is a branch of Democratic Party geared towards engaging those 35 years old and younger in the party. They are active at the national level, state level, and locally. The Young Democrats focus on ensuring that the party does not forget its youngest members and advocates most strongly in areas most relevant for younger persons, particularly health care, education, employment – among many other areas.

Within Payne County, there are two chartered chapters of  Young Democrats

If you are a student, staff, or faculty at OSU or NOC, you can engage with the OSU Young Democrats.

If you are a student at Stillwater High, you can engage with SHS Young Dems.

There are not currently chapters at Meridian Tech, Cushing High, Glencoe High, Perkins-Tryon High, Ripley High, or Yale High; however, if you are interested in starting one, please contact Payne County Democrats HQ at 405.533.5310 or email our Vice Chair Aron York at for information on getting a YD chapter started.

If you are not associated with a school, but still interested in becoming a part of Young Democrats, you can engage at the state-level with OK Young Democrats. Within the YDOK, there are various caucuses and ways of getting involved directly with the causes nearest to your heart.