Payne County Democrats

About the Organization

Jan 01, 2024
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Fed up with our current state government? Feel like your representatives are not hearing the needs of your family and community? We feel you! As an official arm of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, we want to strengthen our communities, support our workers and farmers, all while pushing for the changes that everyday Oklahomans need! Join the Payne County Democrats today!



The Payne County Democratic Party is a strong group of some of Payne County's most influential movers, shakers, and activists. We support public education, affordable healthcare that is equitable, and equal opportunity for all Oklahomans. We are more than just a party - we are a community!


Our Platform

The mission.


To elect Democrats across the state of Oklahoma and to educate citizens about the cultural diversity, freedom, and equality that the Oklahoma Democratic Party represents.


The plan.


Oklahoma Democrats are committed to putting the people of Oklahoma first by promoting the values and policies that advance the common good and expand opportunities for every resident of our state. Our values call upon us to make our state the best in the nation.


The purpose.


Oklahoma has had over a decade of the same old leadership and uncaring government. While our current elected officials push culture wars, take orders from special interest groups, and dismantle our public education system, everyday Oklahomans are suffering.