Precinct Meetings

Precinct Conventions are held biannually to elect and coordinate action at the community level. There are thirty-one precincts throughout Payne County. Below are some FAQs about Precinct Convention.

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The Payne County Democratic Party will hold its organizational Precinct Meetings on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Who can participate in the Precinct Meetings?
All registered Democrats are encouraged to attend and participate. This is your chance to have a say in how the party conducts business and handles its affairs.

What happens during these precinct meetings?
We’ll have a short introduction to the rules and then each precinct will separate into separate groups and hold a meeting to elect officers and adopt resolutions.

What should I bring to precinct meetings?
When you arrive, you will sign in and we’ll determine your precinct. It will save time if you can bring your voter registration card which will have your party affiliation and the precinct in which you are registered to vote.

If you want to propose a resolution to be adopted by your precinct and sent up for consideration at the County Convention on March 31, then try to write it down in advance and bring it the meeting.

What officers are elected at the precinct meeting?
Each Precinct will elect three officers – Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. These officers will be delegates to the upcoming County Convention on March 31 in Stillwater and help elect county officers.

In addition, two committeemen and two committeewomen may be chosen, but they are not delegates to the county convention. If no precinct meeting is held where officers are elected, then that precinct will not have representation at the county convention.

Why should I be a precinct officer?
Being a precinct officer is the way to make a difference in your community at the grassroots level. It is an opportunity to share and discuss your personal values with your neighbors. There is power in numbers and change starts local – we need you.

What you’ll be expected to do:

  • Vote at county convention
  • Maintain contact with Democrats of your precinct

What you CAN do

  • Lead initiatives to engage your neighbors and communities
  • Organize and arrange Precinct Committee Meetings, workshops, and canvassing of your neighbors on local races and issues
  • Identify and recruit potential candidates for local, county, and state offices

In this position, you will have the full and active support from the County Officers.

Who can be a precinct officer?
Any Democrat registered to vote in that precinct may be elected as a precinct officer.

Under the constitution of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, the chair and vice-chair must be of different genders. For example, If you elect a woman as chair, then the vice-chair cannot also be a woman. The secretary may be of any gender.

Do I have to be present to be elected as an officer?
A person does not have to be present to be elected, but at least one person has to be present in a precinct to hold a meeting and they must assume the role of Precinct Chair in order to have the authority to appoint any vacancy. This must be done during the precinct meetings.

Where are the meetings being held?
Local regional meetings are being held in Perkins, Cushing,  and Stillwater based on the precinct where you are registered to vote:

Perkins, Ripley, Ingalls, and the Payne County portion of Coyle
Convention Location: Perkins Lions Club, 112 S Main St, Perkins
Precincts600301, 600405, & 600409

Cushing, Yale, and the Payne County portions of Drumright, Agra, and Maramec
Convention Meeting Place: Cushing Community Center, 700 S. Little St., Cushing
Precincts600101, 600102, 600103, 600104, & 600201

Stillwater, Glencoe, and the Payne County portions of Lone Chimney, Orlando, Perry, Morrison, & Mulhal
Convention Meeting Place: Payne County Democratic Headquarters, 1324 S. Main St., Stillwater, (405) 533-5310
Precincts600001, 600002, 600003, 600004, 600005, 600006, 600007, 600008, 600009, 600010, 600011, 600012, 600013, 600014, 600015, 600016, 600401, 600402, 600403, 600404, 600406, 600407, & 600408

You must attend the meeting location that includes your precinct.

How will people know about the Precinct Meetings?
The official call for the Precinct Meetings will be sent by postal mail to past officers and interested Democrats in February 2019. In addition, press releases will be distributed to all Payne County news media outlets and advertising will be purchased on social media to promote the meetings. We also hope you will bring your friends and neighbors.

How many precincts are there in Payne County?
Payne County has 31 precincts, each of which may have three officers meaning a maximum of 93 delegates to the Payne County Democratic Convention.

If you have any questions, you can contact Chair Linda Andre via e-mail.

Linda Andre, Chair; Aron York, Vice Chair; André Durham, Secretary
Payne County Democrats