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The Payne County Democratic Party will hold its County Convention on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What happens during the County Convention?
We’ll have a short introduction to the rules and then elect new county officers, our Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. We will also then elect our delegates who will represent our county at the Congressional District and State Party Conventions. We will also determine our County Party Resolution to take to the District Convention.

Who can participate in the County Convention?
All registered Democrats are encouraged to attend. This is your chance to have a say in how the party conducts business and handles its affairs.

What should I bring to County Convention?
When you arrive, you will sign in and we’ll determine if you are eligible to vote, only Precinct Officers are eligible to vote during County Convention. Though, any registered Democrat in Payne County is eligible to be a delegate or party officer.

It will save time if you can bring your voter registration card which will have your party affiliation and the precinct in which you are registered to vote.

If you want to propose a resolution to be adopted by the county party and sent up for consideration at the District Convention, then try to write it down in advance and bring it the meeting. That will also save time.

What officers are elected at the County Convention?
We will elect three officers – Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. These officers will be delegates to both, the District Convention and the State Conventions. The County Party Chair leads our party, interacts with other county parties, liaisons with the district officers and the state party, and convenes meetings of county officers and the county party. The Vice Chair manages the party’s finances. The Secretary manages the County Party website, social media accounts, and communications from the Party (including the weekly announcements email). The three officers stay in communication with one another (and the party) and share responsibilities as necessary. All the officers are expected to lead the coordination of our events, identify and recruit potential candidates for office, and work to increase the number of registered and engaged democrats in Payne County.

In addition to county officers, delegates will be elected to represent the County Party at the District and State Conventions. The District Convention is a meeting of the 33 counties that comprise Oklahoma’s Third Congressional District. The State Convention is a meeting of all 77 county parties. Delegates will also be among the first consulted as the officers work to make decisions on behalf of the Party.

Who can be a county officer or a delegate?
Any Democrat registered to vote in Payne County may be elected as an officer or as a delegate.

Under the constitution of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, the chair and vice-chair must be of different genders. For example, If we elect a woman as chair, then the vice-chair cannot also be a woman. The secretary may be of any gender.

Why should I be a county officer?
Being an officer allows you to engage with Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans, from across the county and state. County officers also liaison with and directly impact the the Oklahoma Democratic Party at both, the state and district level, as well as candidates for office at all levels.

This is a great next step in increasing your participation in Democratic politics at the local, county, state, and national levels.

Why should I be a delegate?
Delegates also get to directly influence the Oklahoma Democratic Party at both, the district and state-wide levels. Delegates attend conventions and vote on behalf of the Payne County Democrats alongside the officers. Delegates are also able to engage with the state party through joining committees at the district and state levels. Delegates also work with the officers to provide leadership to the County Party.

What are the three convention committees?

  • Resolutions Committee: Collects and organizes resolutions from the Precinct Meetings, leads the discussion of new resolutions being proposed, leads the discussion on confirming county resolutions
  • Rules Committee: Reviews the Oklahoma Democrats Constitution to ensure that the County Convention adheres to the bylaws of the state party and that proper rules of order are followed
  • Credentials Committee: Reviews the list of newly-elected precinct officers, manages the check-in process identifying voting attendees and nonvoting attendees, counts votes during elections

How will people know about the County Convention?
The official call for the County Convention will be sent by postal mail to past officers and interested Democrats in February 2019. In addition, press releases will be distributed to all Payne County news media outlets and advertising will be purchased on social media to promote the meetings. We also hope you will bring your friends and neighbors. If you have any questions, you can contact Chair Linda Andre via e-mail.

Linda Andre, Chair; Aron York, Vice Chair; André Durham, Secretary
Payne County Democrats