The 2018 election cycle is of vital importance for Payne County and Oklahoma. This is not only just because of the gubernatorial election, but also the fact that the representatives we elect to the state house will be redrawing our electoral districts. During the calendar year for 2018, residents of Payne County will see elections at all levels.

Register to vote at our headquarters or through the Oklahoma State Board of Elections website: https://www.ok.gov/elections/Voter_Info/Register_to_Vote.

Request an absentee ballot, which can be done for any reason, including wanting the convenience of voting at home, here: https://www.ok.gov/elections/Voter_Info/Absentee_Voting/

Go to the Events Calendar to track campaign activities leading up to the general election on November 6th!

Summary of 2018 Elections

Results: https://www.ok.gov/elections/Election_Info/Election_Results/2018-Election_Results.html

Municipal Elections: Elections occurring in 2018 throughout the cities and towns throughout the county, including those towns only partially in Payne County.
Coyle: School Board Election (February)
Cushing: Propositions (April)
Drumright: City Commissioner (April)
Glencoe: School Board Election (February)
Orlando: Mulhall-Orlando School Propositions 1 & 2 (February)
Perkins: Perkins-Tryon School Propositions 1 & 2 (February)
Ripley: School Board Election (February)
Stillwater: Mayor (April)
Yale: School Board Election (February), City Commissioner (April)

County Elections: county commissioner, district court justices (alongside Logan County), district attorney (alongside Logan County)

State-level: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, auditor, insurance commissioner, labor commissioner, and superintendent of public instruction as well as all three state representatives representing Payne County.  Additionally, four justices on the state Supreme Court, two on the state Court of Criminal Appeals, and four on the state Court of Civil Appeals will be up for retention. Finally, six state questions have made it to the ballot.

Federal-level: US House District 3

Election Dates

School Board Elections – February 13, 2018 (must be registered by January 19, request absentee ballot by February 7)
County and Municipal Office Elections
April 3, 2018 (must be registered by March 9, request absentee ballot by March 29)
Primary Election
June 26, 2018 (must be registered by June 1, request absentee ballot by June 20)

Runoff for the Primary Election August 28, 2018 (must be registered by Aug. 3, request absentee ballot by Aug. 22)
General ElectionNovember 6, 2018 (must be registered by October 12, request absentee ballot by Oct. 31)

Find your polling place: https://www.ok.gov/elections/Voter_Info/Online_Voter_Tool
Remember, polls are open 7am to 7pm on election day

Municipal Elections

All politics start local! Be sure to vote in your municipal elections

Coyle: None
Cushing: Propositions 1 (Purchase of two fire trucks – Yes), 2 (Building an animal shelter – Yes), and 3 (Purchase of street sweeper – Yes)
Drumright: None
Glencoe: None
Orlando: None
Perkins: None
Ripley: None
Stillwater: Mayor (Nonpartisan Race: Councilor Will Joyce vs fmr. Board of Ed Pres. Kevin Clark)
Yale: City Commissioner (Nonpartisan Race: Brian Porter, Jr. vs. Michael McCullough); Propositions 1 (School bond & tax for school infrastructure – Yes), 2 (School bond & tax for transportation costs – Yes)



Mr. Frankie Robbins, Democrat, Medford

Other candidates:
Rep. Frank D. Lucas – Republican, Cheyenne (Incumbent)

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Murray Mark Thibodeaux, Democrat, Tulsa
Mr. Eldon Dugan, Republican, Howe



The Oklahoma Policy Institute has analysis on each question in the general election.

State Question 788: Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative
This question PASSED during the June 26 primary elections

State Question 793: Amending Section 3 of Article 20 of the Oklahoma State Constitution, allowing opticians and optometrists to work at retail locations (such as Walmart or Sears)
This question will be a part of the November 6 general elections

State Question 794: Amending Section 34 of Article II of the Oklahoma State Constitution, expanding the rights of crime victims, also known as “Marsy’s Law”
This question will be a part of the November 6 general elections

State Question 798: Amends the Oklahoma State Constitution so that candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run on the same ticket starting in 2026
This question will be a part of the November 6 general elections

State Question 800: Creates the “Oklahoma Vision Fund” starting in 2020; this investment fund would be generated via a 5% gross production tax on oil & gas; each year, the state will pull 4% of it to use as a part of the government’s general fund
This question will be a part of the November 6 general elections

State Question 801: Amending Section 10 of Article X of the Oklahoma State Constitution, allows school districts to use funds collected through property taxes (legally “ad valorem taxes”) for all operational costs, not just building initiatives
This question will be a part of the November 6 general elections


former Atty Gen. Drew Edmondson, Democrat, Oklahoma City
Mr. Kevin Stitt, Republican, Tulsa
Mr. Chris Powell, Libertarian, Bethany

Defeated in the Primaries:
former State Sen. Connie Johnson, Democrat, Forest Park
Mr. Christopher Barnett, Republican, Tulsa
OKC Mayor Mick Cornett, Republican, Oklahoma City
Fmr State Rep. Dan Fisher, Republican, Yukon
Mr. Eric Foutch, Republican, McCloud
State Auditor Gary Jones, Republican, Cache
Mr. Barry Gowdy, Republican, Elk City
Lt. Gov. Mike Lamb, Republican, Oklahoma City
Fmr US Attorney Gary Richardson, Republican, Tulsa
Mr. Blake “Cowboy” Stephens, Republican, Tahlequah
Mr. Rex Lawhorn, Libertarian, Broken Arrow
Mr. Joe “Exotic” Maldonado, Libertarian, Wynnewood


State Sen. Anastasia Pittman, Democrat, Spencer
Mr. Mark Pinnell, Republican, Tulsa
Dr. Ivan Holmes, Independent, Oklahoma City

Defeated in the Primary:
Mrs. Anna Dearmore, Democrat, Okmulgee
OCC Member Dana Murphy, Republican, Edmond
Mr. Dominique DaMón Block, Sr., Republican, Oklahoma City
State Sen. Eddie Fields, Republican, Wynona


District 33

Winner: Mr. John T. Talley, Republican, Stillwater

Mr. Brandon T. Phillips, Democrat, Stillwater (withdrew)
Defeated in the Primaries:
Rep. Greg Babinec, Republican, Cushing (Incumbent)
Mayor Jason Shilling, Republican, Perkins

District 34

Ms. Trish Ranson, Democrat, Stillwater
Dr. Aaron Means, Republicans, Stillwater

District 35

Ms. Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk, Democrat, Pawnee
Mr. Ty Burns, Republican, Morrison

Defeated in the Primary:
Mr. James Winn, Republican, Mannford


Mr. Mark Myles, Democrat, Oklahoma City
Atty Gen. Mike Hunter, Republican, Oklahoma City (Incumbent)

Defeated in the Primary:
Ms. Angela Bonilla, Republican, Glenpool
Mr. Gentner Drummond, Republican, Hominy


No democratic candidate

Other candidates:
Rep. Randy McDaniel, Republican, Oklahoma City
Mr. Charles de Coune, Independent, Oklahoma City


No democratic candidate

Other candidates:
Dr. John Yeutter, Libertarian, Tahlequah
Deputy Auditor Cindy Bird, Republican, Coalgate

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Charlie Prater, Republican, Edmond
Mr. John Uzzo, Republican, Tahlequah


Ms. Kimberly Fobbs, Democrat, Tulsa
Rep. Glen Mulready, Republican, Tulsa

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Donald Chasteen, Republican, Inola


Mr. Fred Dorrell, Democrat, Broken Arrow
Rep. Leslie Osborn, Republican, Tuttle

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Sam A. Mis-soum, Democrat, Tulsa
Mrs. Cathy Costello, Republican, Edmond
Mr. Keith Swinton, Republican, Norman


Dr. John Cox, Democrat, Peggs
State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, Republican, Tulsa (Incumbent)
Mr. Larry Huff, Independent, Oklahoma City

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Will Farrell, Republican, Tulsa
Fmr Deputy Labor Commissioner Linda Murphy, Republican, Edmond


Appointed by a Democratic Governor:
Vice Chief Justice Norma D. Gurich
Hon. James Edmondson
Hon. Yvonne Kauger

Other justice up for retention:
Hon. Patrick Wyrick


Appointed by a Democratic Governor:
Hon. Arlene Johnson
Hon. David B. Lewis

Other justices up for retention:


Appointed by a Democratic Governor:
Hon. Robert D. Bell

Other justices up for retention:
Hon. Kenneth Buettner
Hon. Bay Mitchell
Hon. Barbara G. Swinton


Ms. Ashley Nicole-McCray, Democrat, Norman
OCC Member Bob Anthony, Republican, Oklahoma City (Incumbent)
Ms. Jackie Short, Independent, Oklahoma City

Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Blake Cummings, Democrat, Maud
Mr. Ken Reich, Democrat, Idabel
Ms. Beau Williams, Democrat, Edmond
Fmr State Sen. Pres. Pro Tempore Brian Bingman
Mr. Harold D. Spradling, Republican, Cherokee

Payne County

County Commissioner – District 1

Winner: County Commissioner Zach Cavett, Republican (Incumbent)

No democratic candidate
Defeated in the Primaries:
Mr. Bill Gipson, Republican
Mr. Dyllon Roe, Republican

County Commissioner – District 3

No democratic candidate

Other Candidates:
Mr. Rocky Blaiser, Republican
Fmr County Commissioner Jim Arthur, Independent

Defeated in the Primaries:
County Commissioner Kent Bradley, Republican (incumbent)

County Treasurer

Winner (by default): County Treasurer Carla Manning, Republican (Incumbent)

County Assessor

Winner (by default): County Assessor James Cowan, Republican (Incumbent)

District 9 District Judge (Payne & Logan Counties)(Non-Partisan)

Hon. Phillip Corley, Stillwater (Incumbent)

Payne County Associate District Judge

Hon. Stephen Kistler, Stillwater (Incumbent)

District 9 District Attorney (Payne & Logan Counties)

Rep. Cory T. Williams, Democrat, Stillwater
Mrs. Laura Austin Thomas, Republican, Stillwater (Incumbent)

Defeated in the Primaries:
Ms. Jill Ochs-Tontz, Republican, Guthrie

Not up for election: County Sheriff, County Commissioner – District 2, Court Clerk, County Clerk