Reasons/Benefits to Retain HQ

Reasons to retain the Headquarters and the benefits:

  • To retain visibility so that people know the Democrats are still around and we aren’t going away. Remember that the Republicans had to up their game in town and obtain a better HQ than they have ever done due to our having a very nice visible location.
  • To continue providing reliable, accurate information to people as they walk in looking for answers to their questions . . . the PCDs have always strived to support a well-informed populace
  • To continue having a firm meeting place where other meetings can occur outside of thePCD; organizations that are like minded need to feel welcome to have their meetings here as well, with a visible “Contributions Are Welcomed” attached to a contributions container
  • To retain our “festive” spirit. . . to continue having socials and other fun events  . . . perhaps a film series (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Iron Jawed Angels,” etc.) and a reading group to meet and discuss what they are reading
  • To determine additional funding opportunities so that less dependence will be on pledges, LLC members, etc.
  • To better support the Young Democrats . . . both the HS and OSU Democratic Party organizations; help provide speakers, help the organizations serve snacks/pizzas for their meetings so their attendance numbers will increase; continue to provide apprenticeships to OSU students majoring in film, political science, and/or news writing
  • To better realize our community outreach goal; because we were working so hard to get us up and running at this location as well as working on campaigns, many of us feel that we can be achieve more on our outreach objective.  January’s meeting focused on just that how we can as an organization better give back to our community.
  • 2012 is just around the bend; it takes time to get an operation up and running . . . consider the time and effort to get us up and running here; we need to be ready for the 2012 election. The time is now!