LLC/Contributor’s Meeting

On January 13, 2011 a meeting was held with any of the LLC Members and other PCD rent fund contributors who could attend. There was a unanimous decision made to keep open the headquarters and continue to build towards 2012 Presidential Election. Everyone agreed there would be criteria to meet to be able to make this happen and a committee was formed to implement & manage the pledge drive. Danielle Shreve is chairing the committee with Eric Smith, Diane Lowe, Jeff Pickens, Terry Shreve, Jim Huston and Marla Reimer assisting. The 2011pledge drive is underway to secure funds to retain the PCD headquarters and continue to build for the very important Presidential Election in 2012.

There was a headquarters assessment done prior to the meeting and you can view that here. You will also find the evaluation of a summary of the reasons to keep a HQ and its benefits here. It was discussed that there would have to be growth of the LLC and enough pledges secured to guarantee of another years lease. It was also discussed that having a headquarters was important for the future of the party no matter who the new officers will be in April. It was noted that there is a constant need to help staff the HQ as well. It was reviewed that we have had a 78% rate of pledges paid. Since the meeting we have had a good response of maintaining the headquarters.

There was a financial report given prior to the meeting as well and anyone is welcome to request to see that. Please contact Angela Spotts. It is not appropriate to post it on the web. Here is a summary of the cost of the HQ and expenses to operate it. Rent $1000, Stillwater City Utilities average $150 and Chickasaw phone & internet run $103 per month (no long distance included). The Liability insurance averaged $70 a month. Then there are the expenses of keeping the office supplied & stocked. Note: most of the supplies, office equipment and the food & snacks for any of the workers and or events have been donated. It would be great to have enough to help cover some of those costs.

We had a request and a majority agree to arrange for us to stay in the HQ through April 2011 no matter what happens in the pledge drive due to the upcoming County Convention on April 2, 2011 if that could be arranged.  Stillwater Property has agreed to allow us to stay through April 2011 and that we would want the lease to run from May to the next April of 2012. They want to hear from us this month (February 2011) on whether or not we intend to sing another year’s lease.