HQ Assessment

Headquarters Assessment

LLC Criteria for Success

1. PCDs visibility in the community has increased.

Newspaper articles

Great Number of volunteers doing a variety of tasks

Group at parade

2. There has been ongoing traffic into the headquarters to obtain information, sign up to help PCDs, and sign up to help PCD political candidates.

Again, number of volunteers due to walk-ins helped that number is difficult to pinpoint exactly but we had approximately 50 volunteers  work tirelessly during the highlight of the election season

How many people walked for Cory? (We averaged 4-8 people and 2 times we had 10)

Increase in volunteerism among membership

Several OSU Students Volunteered as interns and or did their class projects some creating videos others writing reports/papers and other assisting with office work

3. PCDs are conducting more events/activities to remain connected and to keep informational updates in front of the PCD membership

Conducted approximately 2 Socials a month from April through the elections

Web site, Facebook page and Calendar of Events

Reminder calls made to members to remind them of activities/events

Candidate/party informational hub

Information regarding National and State issues i.e. Health Care, Economy, Education, Immigration Reform, New Energy and Wall Street Reform, State Questions information

Rally for Sanity 3 Buses traveled to DC and many are participating on legislative issues

4. The Headquarters has been used for meetings, including political candidate meetings and PCD strategic/planning meetings

Increase in monthly meeting attendance

Meeting Topics included – Oklahoma Policy Institute’s David Blatt, Buy Fresh Buy Local, DHS Budget Impact, State Legislative Update, City Elected Officials educated us on ballet questions, Separation of Church and State

PCDs held Women’s luncheon featuring Drew Edmondson, then Candidate for Governor and Bernice Mitchell reporting on the status of Incarceration of Women Project. Approximately 40 attending including a group from Cushing

Held Central Committee Meeting

Precinct Training and Development

Held strategy meetings with Cory

Held strategy meetings with PCD officers

Held Organizing for America meetings

Chair provided information to YD’s regarding Community Volunteer Opportunities

5. We obtained the necessary economic support to keep the facility open to this point see Attached Spread sheet for specifics

Contributions received from monthly pledges:

Contributions received from one-time donors:

Cost to keep Headquarters open:

6. The facility has been helpful to political candidates

Location for voters to obtain yard signs and literature

Stillwater High School YD’s, OSU YD’s along with PCD members helped at a variety of Candidate’s Function/fundraisers/events

Sign blitzes: 2/3 of Cory’s #1000 were put out by PCDs; Detailed Maps by precinct were provided to teams for placement

Phone banks: Held phone banks for Jari Askins twice a week for four weeks with an average of 5-7 volunteers.

GOTV:  Contacted 3,587 Democrats in Payne County

Wrote 1,671 notes for Cory Williams

More than 250 Jari Askins postcards

Held 8 phone banks on behalf of Jari Askins

PCD Goals

In addition to the criteria for measuring success laid out by the LLC during its initial meetings, there was also a list of objectives set forth by the PCD Officers.

1. PCD County Fair Booth – The goals for the fair booth were to put together a video to show people what the party is about, to increase community visibility and hand out information about the party and the candidates who were on the ballot this year. Headquarters provided a place for those who were working on the video to meet. One of the Young Democrats, Laina Davidson, who helped extensively with shooting the video, became a volunteer by walking into headquarters and asking how she can help. She is now a regular volunteer with the PCDs and new member of the OSU Young Democrats. We were also able to advertise for candidate and PCD T-shirts to be worn at the fair booth, and were easily able to cover every time slot available to work the booth.

2. Improve PCD Meetings – Headquarters has provided a consistent location for Democrats to meet. We have seen an increase in attendance to the monthly meetings and a growing number of new faces. Having a headquarters also provides a “neutral ground” which allows people to express their ideas freely. Also due to the enthusiasm of the HQ and increased participation a dedicated group of women started the Cushing Meetings to work to build the Cushing area. We here in Stillwater had a great time helping and attending. Susan Paddack came to one the meeting to visit with the Cushing crowd. The Ladies of Cushing are one special group of dedicated long time political activist.

3. 2010 Elections – Headquarters provided a common place for people to volunteer. As stated above, our GOTV efforts were extremely organized. Cory Williams’ district was widely regarded as the most targeted State House seat in the state. Over 65% of the Republicans voted straight party in Payne County. As Cory won by a little over 200 votes, the effect of calling over 3,000 Stillwater Democrats is clear. We have been able to compile lists to update the VAN. Headquarters was a meeting point for every time we knocked doors.

4. Ensure Youth Participation – OSU Young Democrats involvement. OSU YD also saw an increase in membership due to OSU students walking into headquarters. SHS Young Democrats involvement.