Payne County Democrats

Justin Worley

Justin Worley, a stalwart of the Democratic Party and a seasoned campaign manager for Rep. Trish Ranson, was elected as the Chair for the Payne County Democrats in Spring 2023. His election marked a significant milestone in the restructuring of the Payne County Democratic Party. As Chair, Justin is entrusted with the responsibility of fostering the growth and management of the county party, while also advancing the objectives of the Oklahoma Democratic Party within Payne County. He serves as the primary liaison for the party within Payne County and is instrumental in establishing all committees and initiatives aimed at expanding and actualizing the goals of the Payne County Democrats.

In addition to his political role, Justin holds the position of Coordinator for Communications and Event Services at Oklahoma State University’s Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence. He is an active member of the Staff Advisory Council and contributes to several of its committees, including the DEI Committee and the Rules, Policy, and Procedures Committee. Furthermore, he serves as a mentor to the OSU College Democrats as their staff advisor, facilitating communication between the organization and the Payne County Democrats.

Justin is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University, where he earned a B.S in Strategic Communication and a Minor in Marketing. During his tenure as a student, he balanced his academic pursuits with full-time employment. He was an integral part of the Cowboy Marching Band and spearheaded marketing and advertising campaigns for clients across Oklahoma and beyond.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Justin spent most of his life in Talihina, a small rural town in Southeast Oklahoma. His experiences growing up have given him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Oklahoma’s rural communities. Outside of his professional life, Justin enjoys writing, volunteering, entertaining, and dining out with friends and family. His commitment to his community is evident in his dedication to improving conditions in rural towns across Oklahoma.


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