Bridge to 2020

What’s all this about?

2020 is a critical year. And it’s about so much more than the presidency.

Here in Oklahoma, it costs about $150k to make a State Senate seat go from red to blue. For the State House, it costs about $50k. That’s a lot of money, and candidates will need your support.

Who all should you expect to be reaching out?

Honestly, we know that’s a lot to keep up with. Just know we will be working hard to get Democrats elected to as many offices as possible.

However, the Payne County Democrats still have needs. This is what it takes to keep us running:

It takes a lot, but we don’t want to compete for your money in 2020.

So we want your money now.

Help us reach our goal of $20k by 2020

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Don’t feel like handing out free cash? Totally understandable. That’s why we have a product line.

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