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About Us

Let's Turn Payne County Blue

Our goal is to encourage everyone to vote and support Democrats running for office. Our passion is keeping the public informed and inspired. We aim to continue making progress for Oklahoma.
We keep our headquarters open year-round, so there is a blue beacon for our county and the rest of the state. We have Potluck Socials (1st & 3rd Friday each month) and Monthly Meetings (2nd Thursday each month).

Oklahoma Democratic Party

We are working to restore Oklahoma by electing Democratic candidates with Democratic values.

The Payne County Democrats are one of the 77 county chapters of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Congressional District 3 Democrats

Our party dedicates itself to assisting in the growth of the 32 counties that make up the 3rd Congressional District. Our goal is to have fully established Democratic Party organizations in each county and to help elect Democrats, up and down the ballot.

The Payne County Democrats are one of the 32 county chapters in Congressional District 3.

Oklahoma State College Dems

Strive to encourage student involvement in the American political process.

Our College Democrats chapter works on and off campus to register students to vote and get them involved in local political issues.

Stillwater Young Democrats

Our mission is to organize and educate Young Democrats at Stillwater High School. We work to provide opportunities for students to get involved with local and state politics.

Our Young Democrats chapter works to encourage engagement on the high school campus.

Overall We are one big family

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