2011 Resolutions

Payne County Democratic Party
Resolutions 2011: Approved at County Convention
April 2, 2011


We believe that public education of all citizens is the foundation of a democratic society. This is vital to ensure that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Quality education is an investment in everyone’s future because it is the basis of the state’s economic growth and prosperity.

  • We support public schools, both urban and rural, vocational schools and higher education.
  • We support raising public, career tech and higher education teacher pay and benefits to regional averages.
  • We support a fiscally sound Oklahoma State Teachers Retirement system.
  • We encourage inclusion of financial matters and citizens’ civic duties in the curriculum of public schools.
  • We support teachers’ involvement in textbook selection to include scientifically and historically accurate information for Oklahoma schools.


We are committed to providing high quality, accessible, affordable health care to all Oklahomans.

We will work to:

  • Support, build, and expand a complete and universal mental and physical health care system.
  • Establish complete health care coverage, including preventative health care, for all Oklahoma children.
  • Protect and expand access to health care in rural and economically depressed communities.
  • Protect Oklahomans’ right to choose their own doctor and to control their own medical decisions.
  • Require medical insurance companies to cover autism.
  • Treat drug, alcohol and gambling addiction as a health problem rather than as a criminal problem.
  • Support embryonic stem cell research for the purpose of curing injuries and diseases.
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • Support legislation allowing medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Support methadone maintenance in county jails and prisons (as stated in SB854).
  • We support a woman’s right to choose with respect to health care.


  • We support an initiative campaign and legislation that would cap interest rates on loans to no more than 35 percent annually.
  • We will work to repeal the amendment to the Oklahoma State constitution which prevents any increase in taxation upon corporations and the wealthiest citizens among us.
  • We support the right of employees to form unions and to work for better wages and working conditions, and to allow for collective bargaining.


We believe that all citizens have a right to a clean, safe environment, and that each person shares a responsibility toward environmental stewardship. We believe that a clean, sustainable environment is essential for the productivity and health of our citizenry.

  • We support the enforcement of state and federal laws to protect the environment.
  • We support tax credits to encourage the development of wind energy, solar energy, and other safe, clean, renewable energy sources.
  • We support clean, safe development of Oklahoma’s natural gas supply.
  • We support a carbon tax to promote alternatives to fossil fuel energy use.
  • We support the strict regulation of any aspect of natural resource processing.
  • We insist that Oklahoma remain free of nuclear power plants and we do not condone or approve the building of nuclear power plants in this state.
  • We support strict environmental regulation of farming and ranching
  • We support target dates to increase the percentage of energy generated from renewable resources.


Payne County Democrats strongly oppose any legislation that allows guns on college campuses. We believe that we must challenge fear and suspicion with mutual respect. We believe that the presence of guns will endanger individual and community well-being. We believe that guns are not mandatory on college campuses with law enforcement personnel already present.

  • We urge our elected representatives to work to reinforce legislation that would prohibit the carrying of firearms or any type of lethal weapons onto educational property.


We stand for:

  • Protection for the poor and disabled among us
  • The humane treatment of prisoners
  • The humane treatment of immigrants
  • We oppose all forms of animal fighting and cruelty


We support continued federal and state financial support for public broadcasting to insure an informed public.


We support increased state and federal funding for Planned Parenthood.


Whereas Rollin Reimier has been a leader and longtime contributor to the Payne County Democratic Party, we extend best wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery.