2011 Proposed Minutes

April 2, 2011
2 PM~4:50 PM

Credentialing Folks were Diane Lowe, Bernice Mitchell and Bernadeen Lilly

Did the pledge of allegiance to State and National Flag

Adopted the agenda

District Secretary addressed the audience

  1. Stated that she is the outgoing District Secretary and thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve the District over the past six years.
  2. Being on the Central Committee is an important function; encouraged people to run for the Central Committee to represent Payne County
  3. Will be on the Rules Committee for District/State; has been a contentious year due to the need to change some of the rules; as a result, Kathy said that she had been more strict about following the rules. The bylaws need to be reviewed and changed as needed, then followed and enforced if they are not followed.

Credentials Committee
Jim Huston is our rule master for the meeting

Introduced the current PCD officers . . .
Danielle Shreve
Eric Smith

Huston: We have 33% of the precinct officers present, so the meeting can proceed

Rules Committee
Earl Mitchell chaired the Rules Committee and provided report: (Dennis Bertholf, Clay Ness and Jeff Spotts)

  1. We follow the Roberts Rules of Order and Earl will ensure
  2. Each officer/delegate must have the majority of the votes to be elected
  3. Have special credentials for those who will be helping monitor the rules: Dennis Whiteman, Jeff Spotts, and Eric Smith
  4. Dennis Whiteman has agreed to put PCD party rules on our website
  5. We have hard copies of the rules should anyone need a copy
  6. Would like to limit the nomination speeches to 1-2 minutes

Resolutions Committee
Will Paine

  1. Thanked committee members

Chairperson, Angela Spotts, addressed the group

  1. Thanked all of the volunteers
  2. Groups meeting on messaging for party ~ Barbeque Group with Dennis Whiteman facilitating; Dennis is our webpage guru and has established various discussion groups
  3. Fund Raising effort has been strong with H.S. Dems even helping us with a “reach out” campaign to raise funds for HQs.
  4. Jeff Pickens reached out to a prominent OK Democrat and we received a $1K check from the individual
  5. HQs is extended until 4/15 then we must give our decision to owners if we are keeping the headquarters
  6. Some folks are giving who have never contributed before; Angela has highly suggested that if you have not committed to the fund campaign, this is the time to strongly consider an ongoing contribution
  7. Look forward to continuing to support the party until leave for S. Carolina in about a year.
  8. Will pass the contribution “bucket” today
  9. Angela thanked every delegate and officer for volunteering

Nominations for Chair are now accepted

  1. Angela Spotts nominated Eric Smith for Chair
  2. Kathy Huston seconded
  3. Moved that the election be by acclamation – Passed

Eric ~ The New PCD Party Chairperson

  1. We’re going to get OK candidates elected

Nominations for V. Chair

  1. Pat Jaynes nominated Danielle Shreve
  2. Jeff Pickens seconded
  3. Elected by Acclamation

Nominates for Secretary

  1. Dennis Whiteman nominated Jeff Pickens
  2. Mike Shanahan seconded
  3. Elected by Acclamation


  1. Bernice Mitchell – Scott nominated and Bernie seconded
  2. Julie Cederblom-Linda Sanders nominated
  3. Kathy Huston -Angela nominated
  4. Megan Sando-Terry Nominated
  5. Angela Spotts- nominated by Diane Lowe
  6. Marsha Coyle (first alternate)-nominated by Dennis
  7. Katherine Smith (second alternate)-nominated by Angela Spotts

Jeff Spotts asked if nominees or those who nominated wanted to speak:

  1. Bernice Mitchell: Scott Campbell spoke on behalf of Bernice and Bernice said that she is loyal to the Democratic Party and will continue to contribute.
  2. Diane Lowe spoke on behalf of Angela; Angela said that she would like to go to the other Conventions and carry through
  3. Linda spoke on behalf of Julie; Julie said that she is very excited and enthusiastic about being a delegate
  4. Pat Jaynes spoke for Megan; Megan said would like to continue to learn the processes and thanked Jeff Pickens for getting her involved
  5. Angela spoke on behalf of Kathy Huston and has worked hard for the party; Kathy said it would be an honor to serve as a PCD delegate and would love the opportunity to attend the state convention on behalf of the PCDs. It’s important that people make their own decisions.
  6. Marsha thanked Dennis for nominating her; Marsha said that she volunteers for Democratic campaigns and works very hard to get Democrats elected; wore a full bodied donkey suit at Angela’s Brayfest so whatever the need, I do it!!!

Election Process

  1. Precinct Officers asked to put first five names on the ballot of individuals whom they wished to represent them at District and State Conventions and to sign the ballot should there be questions. Ballots collected and counted by Rules Committee


  1. Dennis Whiteman~ Pat gave an “atta a boy” to Dennis for the creation of our website and helping with the Wednesday night Barbeque/Think Tank group on messaging; Dennis said that it is time for the party to get its image and purpose across to potential contributor.
  2. Earl Mitchell ~ Bernice said that Earl has given a lot of time to the party and added “If Dog Democrat and would do whatever it takes.
  3. Mike Staubus ~ Jeff has known Mike a long time and everything that Mike does he does well; is a member of the “think tank” and has wholeheartedly supported brunches and other events; Mike said that he turned 50 yesterday and has always voted for Democrats; decided it was time to quit watching and to truly get involved; believes that “we are the party of responsibility and empathy and we need to start screaming at the top of our lungs!
  4. Tom Barclay ~ Angela said that both Tom and his wife Brenda are volunteering and contributing. He is very anxious for the party to grow and to more greatly appeal to other people. Tom is in the Glencoe area. Tom said that his “primary objective is to get more Democrats elected” and said that he would very much like to represent the party.
  5. Jason Cederblom ~ spoke because he’s new and has a lot of energy and he’s a good communicator; Jason said that he’s extremely excited to help the PCD party as a delegate and would very much like to go forward ~ Delegate
  6. Alternate)-Marsha said that Mark does everything that she does for the Democratic Party and he will do about anything to help the party and has continued to be “my support person.” Mark said, “thanks a lot,” that he’s been a PCD all of his life and would really like to represent the party.
  7. alternate)

Nominations closed

Election Process

  1. Everyone was asked to select five gentlemen and to write their names on paper ballot and to sign the ballot should there be questions. Ballots collected and counted by Rules Committee.


  1. Asked if we could vote by group. Earl said, “yes.”
  2. Education Resolution
  1. Diane Lowe said that she is concerned about the textbook legislation and would like to either add or amend what has been written. Eric suggested that if Diane wants to submit an amendment that it be written on paper and the delegation will consider it.
  2. Motion has been made to accept Education Resolution as is, and seconded. The amendment was suggested by Diane during discussion; Angela seconded the inclusion of the amendment. Resolution with amendment was approved.
  3. AMENDMENT: “We support fair and balanced selection of textbooks for Oklahoma Schools.”
  4. Bill Segal made a suggestion that teachers are not included in the selection of textbooks and that we sounded like Republicans who dictated what should be taught in school. Bill said that he would support the amendment if we reconsider the resolution. Will Paine seconded. Motion carried to reconsider.
  5. Bill’s Amendment: “We support teacher involvement of selection of textbooks for Oklahoma Schools.”
  6. Dennis said that he would like the delegation to consider the direction Texas is taking on textbook selection and how they are “rewriting history” acclaiming FDR was the worst President and Reagan was the best President. Dennis’s concern was that the new amendment did not address this concern/issue.
  7. New Amendment Suggested by Diane Lowe: “We support teachers’ involvement in textbook selection to include scientifically and historically accurate information for Oklahoma schools.”
  8. The majority passed the new language to be added to the current Education Resolution.
  9. And a majority passed the amended Education Resolution.

Health Care Resolution

  1. Ron du Bois asked for an amendment to be added: “Support Methadone Maintenance in County Jails and Prisons (as stated in SB854)” Ron explained the amendment.
  1. All delegates passed the new amendment.
  2. Mark Coyle asked if there was a reason why the veterans benefits topic was not mentioned. Marsha said that she thought that this topic already was present in the state resolutions so to include it would be redundant.
  3. Another amendment was suggested by Pat Jaynes and Julie Cederblum to include women’s choice . . . the right to choose. Kathy countered by stating that, like veteran benefits, women’s choice has already been included in the state resolutions.
  4. Suggested Amendment: “We support a woman’s right to choose with respect to health care.”
  5. Discussion was voted to close and amendment passed and will be added to the resolution.
  6. Marsha Coyle made a comment that if the state resolutions already contain the intent of what we have included in our resolutions/amendments, that they will not include the new language in the resolutions. Kathy Huston clarified that changes could be made; however, wholesale change usually does not occur due to the response of the delegation should such massive changes be made. This can occur on both the District and State levels.
  7. Amended resolution passed

Economic Justice

  1. Dennis Whiteman added an amendment: “We support an initiative campaign that would cap interest rates on loans to no more than 35 percent annually.”
  2. It was suggested by Jeff Pickens and Pat Jaynes that we add legislation to the amendment so that it would read “We support an initiative campaign and legislation that would cap interest rates on loans to no more than 35 percent annually.”
  3. Amendment was adopted by the delegation
  4. Another amendment suggested by Linda Sanders asked to include in first line “and allow for collective bargaining.” The amendment reads as follows: “We support the right of employees to form unions and to work for better wages and working conditions, and to allow for collective bargaining.”
  5. Amendment was seconded and discussion closed. Second amendment passed by delegation.
  6. Motion was made to adopt the resolution as amended. Seconded and delegation passed.


  1. Moved to pass environment by acclamation
  2. Moved and seconded to close discussion
  3. Environment Resolution, as written, was passed by delegation

Allowing guns on school and college property

  1. Discussion ensued on what encompasses “public property” any why we did not include “public property.” Explained by committee.
  2. Resolution passed as is.

Media: Fair and Balanced Broadcasting

  1. Amendment was suggested to . . . .
  2. Amendment in the Constitution.
  3. The Fairness Doctrine was passed in 1984, so this was done on a federal level.
  4. Bill moved to close the discussion and it was seconded.
  5. Vote taken to strike the entire section. Motion passed.
  6. The resolution will cease for Media: Fair and Balanced Broadcasting.

General Welfare

  1. Motion made to amend to strike the first sentence and “therefore” in the second line. Motion passed by the delegation.
  2. Amended Resolution was passed by the delegation.

New Proposed Resolutions

  1. Resolution was suggested to the continued federal and state financial support for public broadcasting: “We support continued federal and state financial support for public broadcasting to insure an informed public.” This resolution passed.
  2. Another resolution: “We support increased state and federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” This resolution passed.
  1. Resolution for Rollin Reimier: “Whereas Rollin Reimier has been a leader and longtime contributor to the Payne County Democratic Party , we extend best wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery.” This resolution passed.

Consideration of Resolutions was closed.

Nominations for a District Activist Award were opened and left open. Delegates were instructed to consider potential nominations and to submit them to Eric.

. Angela mentioned that we need Silent Auction items.

District; rates are $89) Friday night will be a banquet. Eric will provide all of the delegates with the information. Jeff Pickens suggested that we carpool to save gasoline and suggested that there might be a group who want to go early in the morning.

We need poll workers according to Pat Jaynes and Dennis Bertholf. So, please let them know if you are interested in becoming a poll worker. We need at least one person added to each precinct.

Jed Green arrived to visit with delegates. Adjourned.