Democratic Precinct Meetings on March 12, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions about the Precinct Meetings

The Payne County Democratic Party will hold its organizational Precinct Meetings on Thursday, March 12, 2015, at 7:00 PM. This year, local regional meetings are being held in Cushing, Perkins and Stillwater at the following locations based on the precinct where you are registered to vote:

Perkins, Coyle and Ripley | D’Mario’s Pizza, 503 E Hwy 33, Perkins, OK, (405) 547-2456
Precincts600301, 600405 & 600409

Cushing, Drumright, Agra, Maramec and Yale | Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, 211 N Cleveland Ave, Cushing, OK, (918) 225-2299
Precincts600101, 600102, 600103, 600104 & 600201

Stillwater, Glencoe, Lone Chimney, Orlando, Perry & Mulhal | Payne County Democratic Headquarters, 302 N Main St, Stillwater, OK, (405) 533-5310
Precincts600001, 600002, 600003, 600004, 600005, 600006, 600007, 600008, 600009, 600010, 600011, 600012, 600013, 600014, 600015, 600016, 600401, 600402, 600403, 600404, 600406, 600407, 600408

You must attend the meeting location that includes your precinct.  To determine your precinct, you can look on your voter registration card above your polling place for the number of your precinct.


Your current registration information can also be confirmed online using the Oklahoma Election Board’s Online Voter Tool ( If you have your voter registration card, bring it as it’s helpful in determining your meeting space.

If you use Facebook, we have events for each of the three meetings linked on our page. Depending on your location, please note your intention to attend and invite like-minded Democrats who live in our county to their precinct meeting in Cushing, Perkins or Stillwater. It will help us expand the party and reach potential new officers, delegates, voters and candidates.

Through the election of precinct officers, these meetings determine delegates to the Payne County Democratic Convention in Stillwater on April 11 and who will be delegates to the 3rd District, Oklahoma and National Democratic conventions in 2015 and 2016. All registered Democrats in Payne County are encouraged to attend and bring friends and neighbors who are registered Democrats.

If you plan to submit resolutions to your precinct committee, please try and write them out in advance. It will save time and provide you to be more accurate and concise with what your resolution proposes.

If you have any questions, you can contact me personally at (405) 372-7308 or via e-mail.

Dennis Whiteman, Chair
Payne County Democrats

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