My cursor has been blinking for more than five minutes…

It’s a new year, but I don’t have any good feelings or new insights. An earthquake woke me up this morning, but that’s not what this is about.

I just completed our financial reports for 2014. We are alive, but just barely. Somehow, we have to get from here to November of 2016. More importantly, we have to get past this coming April when we elect new people to represent us in the party and decide again whether it’s worth having a Democratic Party headquarters in Payne County.

On April 11, we will hold our county convention and elect new county officers — chair, vice-chair, secretary. But before that, on March 12, we will hold precinct meetings at our headquarters and throughout Payne County to choose the people who will choose the new county officers.

We have to get some new DNA injected into our party if we ever want to make a difference. You can’t create change without changing. Our next two meetings are designed to be both informative and aspirational.

On Thursday, January 22, we will host Rep. Lee Denney, who represents House District 33, including the the parts of Payne County outside and some fringe areas of Stillwater. Rep. Denney is the incoming speaker pro tem and second-in-command of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. She has served in the house for 10 years and was unopposed in 2014.

This meeting will be held at Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, 211 N. Cleveland, in Cushing at the intersection of Cleveland and Moses downtown. If you plan to eat, please arrive by 5:30 p.m. so you can order. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. and we hope to finished by around 7 p.m.

On Thursday, February 19, we will host Sen. Jim Halligan, Senate District 21 at the Old Church Center in Perkins at the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza starting at 7 p.m. Sen. Halligan as served in the Senate for six years and was unopposed in 2012.

We will also have materials at these meetings about becoming precinct officers and we currently plan to support precinct meetings in Stillwater, Cushing and Perkins in March. We’ll have more details about that later, but we are inviting people of all political persuasions to attend these meetings.

We don’t have to get voters to change their registration, but we must find Democrats that people of all political parties are willing to vote for.