Don‘t Spectate: Participate

I receive on average about four messages a day now saying if I’ll just contribute $3 we can win this thing. In exchange, they offer me a chance to go have dinner with President Obama. As much as I would like to have dinner with President Obama — especially if Michelle were there — I will not insult your intelligence by telling you that your contribution of $3 can win any election.

Looking through that list of e-mail messages, not one of them came from an Oklahoma candidate. Why? most Oklahoma candidates’ online contribution amounts start at $100 because we’re being out spent by private prisons, oil and gas companies, and others who benefit from our elected officials tax cuts for the wealthy that trickle down to citizens in other states. The national party mostly sees us as a lost cause, but as George Bailey said, those are the ones worth fighting for.

Next Thursday, October 16, Steve and Patty Armbruster, Carolyn Gang, Jack and Billie Hesser, Jim and Kathy Huston, and Leanita Shelby are hosting a fundraiser here in Payne County for Joe Dorman to help him get the support he needs to win this election.

Help Raise a Cash Crop to Support

Joe Dorman
Date: October 16, 2014
Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Location: Starr Valley Stables at the Ranch of Jack and Billie Hesser, located at 4101 East Lakeview Rd. Stillwater, OK 74075 right after Brush Creek Road on the south side of Lakeview.

Minimum donation requested at the door: $100.00

If you have questions, contact Carolyn Gang at (405) 377-0678 or Kathy Huston at (405) 372-4166.

All expenses paid for by Joe Dorman for Oklahoma, P.O. Box 2400, Oklahoma City, OK 73101, (405) 602-3612 |

As of the last reporting period in August, Mary Fallin had outspent Joe 4-1 and she still had more than a million dollars in the bank provided by her rich friends and special interests. That doesn’t even count what the Republican Governor’s Association and other outside groups are dropping in our state to try and save Mary’s job through false TV advertising campaigns.

One campaign sign of the kind we’re distributing at our headquarters costs around $2. One mailing, by the time you factor in production costs, is about $1 per mailbox. A respectable social media campaign will cost our candidate more than $1000/week from here forward. TV spots on the major networks cost more than $100 per spot every time you see one. In the last weeks of the campaign, Mary Fallin is likely to be dropping at least $10,000 per day each in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Again that doesn’t include the dark money that’s finding its way into our state because they see Joe as a threat.

So, if you can go to Joe’s fundraiser next week at Jack and Billie Hesser’s place, you have to go and bring your checkbook. If you can’t go to the fundraiser, then go make an online contribution to Joe Dorman. We can win this thing, but only with your help.

The more people who vote for Joe the more it helps our other candidates down the ballot. They are all starved for cash against overwhelming odds from both inside and outside the state. Republicans have out raised Democrats in this election cycle 5-1 in the federal races and you can bet it’s similar in the state and local races.

If you can afford it, all our candidates need your help:

If you don’t have money, then volunteer for Joe Dorman, Cathy Cummings, Connie Johnson, Matt Silverstein, John Cox, Mike Workman and Ted Smith. Volunteer at our headquarters so that people can come in to pick up signs, find out why we’re Democrats and learn how they can get involved. Walk neighborhoods, make phone calls, and, as our Brayfest guest Chuck Dunlap, sang, “Stand and Let Your Voice Be Heard.”

In July, I was fortunate to go see a concert featuring Tim Easton and friends down at the Old Church Center in Perkins. He and several other musicians were returning from Woodyfest, the annual event that celebrates the life of Woody Guthrie and the music he inspired here and around the world. In that spirit, Tim played his song, Don’t Spectate: Participate, and we should all be inspired by its message:

“If I hear another idiot say,
‘This election won’t affect me either way.’
Well, my selfish friend, that may be true,
but there’s a few more people in this world besides you.
Don’t spectate; participate.
If you don’t give a damn and you’ve nothing to say,
If you won’t give a damn then get out of the way.”
— Tim Easton, Don’t Spectate: Participate

If all you do this year is sit back in your lazy chair and watch the election results on TV, schools will not get better, earthquakes will continue to disrupt your day, our neighbors will continue to go without affordable healthcare, and our state will still be the laughingstock of the nation.

Don’t Spectate: Participate

Dennis Whiteman, Chair
Payne County Democrats

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