Come Out for a Rockin’ Good Time

Get Serious, Get Involved.The Payne County Democrats will host its second annual community picnic at its headquarters, 302 N. Main, next to Hastings in Stillwater, on August 8 starting at 6 p.m.

Food will be grilled in the parking lot and tables will be set up outside. Food will be free, but if people want to contribute they can bring dish or make a financial contribution. This is a chance for people to get out, hang out and pig out with some fellow Democrats.

“It’ll be too late to register to vote in the August runoff, but we’ll have the forms needed so that people can get registered for the November general election,” Whiteman said.

“This will be the last chance people have to sign the petition getting medical marijuana on the ballot in November,” he said. “We also have petitions promoting storm shelters in schools and repealing a fee on solar panel installations that was passed by the legislature this past session.”

We are also going to be featuring art from a young local artist so bring your checkbook if you think you need something for that hole in the wall in your living room. Bring your checkbook either way because as usual the Democratic Party needs money even if you’re not buying art.

We look forward to seeing you all this Friday for what should be a rockin’ good time.