We weren’t born into this world not to make a difference.

Whether you’re a second grade teacher who influences a child, the firefighter who saves the life of an older person, a musician who writes songs that influence generations, or countless other human beings who wake up every morning looking to improve the world, we exist to move the needle forward, to make this world a better place.

Recently, we had our best fundraiser ever, thanks to the efforts of the Red Dirt Rangers, who want to leave this world a better place, Al McAffrey, who is working on making the world a better place by getting elected to Congress and passing laws that benefit us instead of corporate special interests. And dozens of others who are there all the time to help us put on an event like this, staff our headquarters, and raise awareness in our home county about issues that really, really matter.

We’re going to take some of the money we raised at Diamond Donkey and pour it back into a discussion on education at a special event called Schools Matter! at the historic Sheerar Auditorium on June 12th in Stillwater. We will be featuring most of the candidates running for state superintendent who will be on the ballot June 24th and we expect to have a frank and open discussion about our schools and what can be done for our children.


I believe all our candidates are eminently more qualified to be Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction than Janet Barresi, someone more qualified to be a dentist than an educator. But our candidates must be prepared to answer tough questions and so we will find people in our community to ask those tough questions so our citizens can make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, this Thursday, May 8th, we’ll have a business meeting to discuss the money we made at Diamond Donkey, our finances going forward into key parts of the election season, and the state of our headquarters.

I hate to ruin it for you, but we need to raise the equivalent of a Diamond Donkey every three months so that we can have a place for Democrats to congregate, for candidates to base local operations out of and to emind people that we exist as a force for good.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will start at 7 p.m. sharp. Everyone is invited.

We’re here to move the ball the forward, to make a difference and to shine light on the issues. We hope you’ll join us…