Volunteer Planning Meeting

Election Day 2014
November 4th

“Wow, already!” you must be thinking to yourself.

In less than three months, candidates begin filing for office and we are less than six months away from the first primaries on June 24, 2014. If we’re going to do anything this year, then there’s no time to waste.

This Saturday morning at 10 a.m., we’ll kick off the 2014 election season in Payne County with our first Volunteer Planning Meeting of the year.

One of my goals as Payne County chair of the Democratic Party has been to get our headquarters established with regular hours that people can come to register to vote, pick up literature or just hang out talking with a fellow Democrat. Some of you who are new have no idea how hard that can be in our community.

We are one volunteer away from having enough people committed to keeping our headquarters open from noon until 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Once I find that volunteer, I’m going to etch those hours into the door with acid so they can never be removed. Just kidding.

This year, we’re also going to need volunteers for our two fundraisers — Diamond Donkey on April 25th and Brayfest in October — and for advancing the agendas of our candidates, including one or more candidate forums where voters will be able to meet everyone on the ballots, and canvassing our neighborhoods.

So, part of this meeting will be to discuss the things that volunteers do while they are at our headquarters — register voters, research issues, update our databases, clean up, make phones — and part of the meeting we will discuss the action plan that the state party has put forward to us. The following week, our officers will attend a state meeting of county officers and will provide feedback based on what you tell us. So come, if you can, and help us define a path forward.

We will also have a Social Friday night, but If you can only attend one thing, come to the meeting Saturday morning. Come to both if, like me, you have no life and live for electing Democrats.

Dennis Whiteman, Chair
Payne County Democrats

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