Non-Garage Sale Sale

Garage-SaleThe time has arrived for us to transfer wealth from us to you. Many of you have already brought items into our headquarters at 302 N. Main to be disposed of in our never-before Payne County Democrats Non-Garage Sale Sale. We need more. How disappointed will our constituents will be if they show up on Saturday, July 27th at 8 a.m., only to find out all we have is free coffee? Don’t answer that!

We want to offer some bargains and in the process help build our social media advertising budget while generating goodwill throughout the county. Someone will be at our headquarters at 302 N. Main from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday evening setting up for the sale so that would be an ideal time for you to bring in your items. If you’ve got good — no, great — stuff (and not junk) you want to offer at a great discount at our Sale, then you need to drop it off today or tomorrow.

And if you need more stuff, well, everyone reading this message is preparing to transfer their stuff to your house through some great bargains.