Payne County Democrats Precinct Meetings 2013

When: Thursday, March 14, 7pm

Where: Payne County Democratic Headquarters, 302 N. Main, Stillwater

What: Elect Precinct Officers

Who: All registered Payne County Democrats may participate
Democrats and Friends,

It is a very special time for our Democratic Party.

Every two years we elect precinct officers.

Being a precinct officer is the most basic level of party representation.

Precinct officers represent the people who are registered in their precinct.

The precinct you are registered in is determined by the address you have on file with the Board of Election.  Precinct boundaries are determined by population density.  There are currently 31 precincts in Payne County.

Every precinct has three open positions for Democratic Precinct Officers (i.e. Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary).  All registered Democrats in a precinct can participate in the election of these officers for their particular precinct.  All registered Democrats in a particular precinct can also run for a precinct office.

Precinct officers are able to run for other party offices, but have to give up their precinct position to serve in another position (i.e. county officer).

Precinct officers also get to vote on who our next county officers will be and our county resolutions (written statements of our county party’s goals and positions on issues).

This is a fun way to get more involved with the party and make a difference in your immediate community.

We look forward to lively elections and we need all Payne County Democrats to participate.  If you don’t know what precinct you are registered in, or have other questions, please contact us at 405-533-5310 or