PCD Monthly Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 10, 7pm
Democratic Headquarters
302 N. Main, Stillwater

Open Discussion


1. Headquarters Building lease expiration – March 31, 2012

2. Democratic Precinct Meetings (March 14) and County Convention (April 6)

3. PCD Diamond Donkey Gala – April 26, 2012

The elections are over and now it’s time to start preparing for “spring cleaning.”  We will be every bit as busy as we were during the general elections. First, is the deadline (Feb. 28, 2012) to decide whether to continue to rent a headquarters building during a non election year.  Regardless of that decision, we will be electing Precinct Officers at our Payne County Precinct Meeting, March 14, followed by our County Convention, April 6.  During all this, we will be preparing for the fourteenth Annual Diamond Donkey Gala, April 26!

These activities are so important that we have decided to put aside other projects.  With your input and participation, we can continue to improve our performance and achieve our goals.

Please make an extra effort to attend this first important meeting of 2013 and/or contact the Chairman (chair@paynecountydemocrats.org) with your opinion of these important issues.