Democratic Election Victory!

This was the best election in my lifetime.  We scored huge victories for quality leadership and social equality. These victories were not just for Democratic candidates, but also for policy goals that many compassionate people share.

First, we would like to thank everyone who voted for President Obama.  In Oklahoma, Payne County had the tenth highest voting percentage for the President! We may not have won here, but our influence went far beyond Oklahoma’s borders.  We helped President Obama with interstate phone calls, contributions, and overall national confidence.

We would also like to thank all the medical marijuana supporters.  Massachusetts became the eighteenth state to allow medical marijuana and Arkansas missed by only two percent!  The Oklahoma Democratic Party has a resolution supporting medical marijuana legislation and Democratic Senator Constance Johnson (OKC) introduced an actual Oklahoma medical marijuana bill!

These are only a few of the victories and there are many more to come.

What happened nationally will definitely help us in Oklahoma.

The Payne County Democrats are ready to build on this progress and we need your help.    Everyone is invited to our events and to give input on issues.  To learn more about our activities, go to our website (, email us (, or call us at 405-533-5310.

Peace 2 ya,
Jeff Pickens