Social this Friday

Our regular biweekly social is scheduled for this Friday, January 20th starting at 5 p.m.

This is an opportunity to commune with fellow Democrats and to talk about the first election of the new year coming on February 14, 2012. Coincidentally, if you haven’t registered to vote by by the time the social starts this Friday, you’ll have to sit this one out as January 20th, according to the Payne County Election Board, is the last day to register to vote in this particular election.

The Valentine’s day special primary election is the first of half a dozen elections this year that will help shape the future of our city, county, state and country. It will feature Democrats Noel Bagwell and Bobby Farley facing off for the party nomination to compete in the special general election on April 3, 2012. In addition, the February 14th election will include a county question to extend the three-eighths percent sale tax that was first approved by voters in 1998. Without this sales tax, our roads and county infrastructure will fall apart and us with them.

So, please join us for our biweekly Friday social at Headquarters! It’s a great time to unwind from the week, get to know your fellow Dems and to help us figure out how we’re going to shape our future. Bring food, drink, a friend, or just yourself!