The State of Oklahoma’s Environment: Past & Present

As a preamble to Earth Week, the Payne County Democratic Party is hosting a presentation by Earl Hatley, an environmental specialist and activist with extensive credentials and experience in the field. The event will take place on April 14th beginning at 7pm in the Payne County Democratic Headquarters at 302 North Main just south of Hastings. Anyone of any age who is concerned about Oklahoma’s environmental future is encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served.

Mr. Hatley, a former Stillwater resident, speaks from a profound resume of commitment to improving Oklahoma’s environmental problems and concerns. He is presently on the Board of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network, Chair of the Craig County Democrats, serves on the Hazardous Waste Management Advisory Council of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality which is a position he was appointed to TWICE by Governor Brad Henry. He is also on the Steering Committee of the Western Mining Action Network which is an international coalition of tribes (NGOs) from Guatemala to Canada and Alaska and he serves on their Indigenous Caucus as well.

In the past, Mr. Hatley, an Armed Services vet, served for several years as a member of the Community-Tribal Sub-Committee of the Board of Scientific Counselors to the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR), was a co-founder and past President of the Board of Local Environmental Action Demanded (L.E.A.D.) Agency which is a non-profit environmental organization that addresses the Tar Creek Superfund Site and other environmental issues impacting northeastern Oklahoma. He now continues serving LEAD as the Grand Riverkeeper. He was Co-Chair of the Restoration Advisory Board for Tinker Air Force Base and was founder and executive director of the Oklahoma Toxics Campaign and Heartland Organizer for the National Toxics Campaign.

“My appearance and presentation in Stillwater is a bit like coming home for me since much of my education was there over several decades.” Mr. Hatley received his M.A. in political science at OSU in
1989 and was in the Doctoral program for Environmental Science where he completed 60 hours of courses without completion of his dissertation (ABD) in 1996.

Eric Smith, the new Payne County Democratic Party Chair, says, “This a a great time to hear from such a well-rounded environmental activist not only because it will begin an informative Earth Week in Stillwater but also because Earl will bring citizens up to date on the state’s environmental history and problems we are still facing as Oklahomans. Students and townspeople all have a stake in experiencing his presentation.”

Mr. Hatly will keep the presentation, which includes Power Point media, to about 45 minutes and will then take questions from the audience.