Precinct Elections to be held March 10

There is no better time to get involved in the process and help move our state forward.

The Official Precinct Officer Elections Meeting will be held Thursday March 10th at Payne County Democrats headquarters from 7-9pm. There are 31 precincts in Payne County and we need your help to spread the word and join your fellow Democrats for this exciting time. Each Precinct will elect a chair, vice chair and a secretary for their precinct. All have to be registered Democrats and live in that precinct.

There is also a requirement for the chair and vice chair to be of the opposite sex. We need to fill as many precincts as possible to help build our County Party. From the Precinct Officer Elections Meeting we build to the County Convention where we elect our county officers and the delegates to represent us at the District Convention and then at the State Convention where officers of both levels will be elected.

The resolutions are started at this precinct meeting and will be improved upon and voted for at each convention through the state convention. I am working to have the state resolutions from the last convention on line and at the HQ for anyone interested in seeing them.

There are copies of the Oklahoma Democratic Party Constitution & Bylaws at headquarters for anyone who is interested in reading them or you can download a copy of the ODP Constitution and By-Laws – 2008 Updated Version at the state party website. There is a list of precincts and polling places at the Payne County Election Board website or you might be able to look up your address at the Oklahoma State Election board.

Democracy is a contact sport! Tag You Are IT!

Angela Spotts, Chairwoman
302 N. Main
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 533-5310