Brunch Report II

Our second brunch of the year was great.  Despite the snow, at least fifteen to twenty people showed up. 

We had waffles, pancakes, pastries, and a full Mexican meal! 

The food was delicious and everyone was obviously having a good time. 

 The Stillwater High School Young Democrats were the majority. 

Around ten teenagers attended and stayed for the pledge drive. 

 At noon we started making telephone calls to raise money for headquarters’ rent and utilities. 

The pledge drive is focused on Payne County Democrats who are previous donors. 

 This effort is just beginning. We need a lot more pledges to pay our expenses for the coming months. 

The calling list is at headquarters, with instructions, for anyone who wants to stop by and make a few phone calls.

We also need volunteers to staff headquarters next week, Feb. 14-18.  

If you need a key to get into headquarters or want to sign up to staff HQ, just call Jeff Pickens at 405-370-5512.