Saturday Brunch and Pledge Drive

This Saturday, February 5, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., you are invited to a festive brunch at Payne County Democratic Headquarters, 302 N. Main, Stillwater. There will be food and drinks, but feel free to bring any additional food and drinks you might like to share with your fellow Democrats. This is a casual gathering to introduce democrats and their friends to new ideas and each other.

At noon we will continue to eat, but also start a two hour calling party.  Please bring your cell phones. We will be calling fellow Payne County Democrats to ask for pledges to pay the rent and expenses of our great headquarters, which is a valuable resource for community image, meetings, events, and campaign activities.

We hope everyone will come to both the brunch and the calling party, but if you can only make one or the other, we still hope to see you there.