Election Day

Today is the last day you can have any say in what our government does for the next two years. Think about that…

If you do not exercise your constitutional right to vote, you still have a constitutional right to complain because this is, after all, America, but you will lack the moral authority to do so. So, take a few a minutes out of your day, if you haven’t yet voted, and go to your local polling place to make a difference.

Don’t know where your precinct is? Google Maps has a mapplet where you enter your address and it shows your local polling place.

If you have voted, please come to Payne Democratic Headquarters, 302 N. Main Street in Stillwater, and help get out the vote. There are people who don’t have vehicles who need help getting to the polls. You can also help by calling (405) 533-5310 and simply asking, what can I do to help?

The time is now.