Fallin’s smear campaign fails by Eric Smith ocolly.com

I would like to thank Mary Fallin for showing us exactly who Oklahoma needs as our next governor-her opponent, Jari Askins.

By coming out with the first negative ad, distorting the truth about her opponent and using the same old tactics of tying Oklahoma Democrats to the National Democratic Party, voters now realize that if they want a governor who will actually get things done without all the political pandering, they had better vote for Jari Askins.

One of Fallin’s attacks is that Askins is “too liberal for Oklahoma.”

In fact, Askins has repeatedly proven herself to be a centrist by supporting small businesses, responsible gun rights and focusing on creating jobs. She is concerned with how Oklahoma, not her political career, will advance.

Askins has authored dozens of bills aimed at protecting small businesses and helping Oklahoma’s public schools, many of which made it to the governor’s desk during her time in the Republican-dominated legislature.

Not a single piece of legislation sponsored by Fallin has passed. This shows that while Askins is able to reach across the aisle, Fallin is entirely lacking in her ability to show true leadership.

Another negative ad shows copy and pasted pictures of Obama and Askins together. The fact is that the two have never met or even been in the same room together. This is another example of how the Republicans in Oklahoma are banking on the ignorance of Oklahoma voters.

How could any candidate who claims to be serious about the future of our state endorse such dirty and misleading tactics? The answer is that Fallin herself is a dirty and misleading politician, bent on manipulating the minds of Oklahoma voters.

Fallin distanced herself from Tea Party poster child Randy Brogdon during the primary elections, yet has been seen speaking at several Tea Party rallies and was even photographed helping one of the crazies unfold a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag on the balcony of the Capitol building.

So, is Fallin a centrist who cares about Oklahoma’s interests or is she a conservative extremist? It appears that she claims to be both, indicating that Fallin is whatever she needs to be to advance her own career. We will likely see more and more petty pandering on her side as we come closer to election day.

One in five children in the state of Oklahoma is at risk of going hungry. Walk into any nursing home in Stillwater to see the dismal conditions of our state’s elderly.

Our education system continues to take cuts even as we lose more public school teachers to surrounding states.

So how can our Republican state legislature justify cutting services aimed at addressing these issues while handing out tax credits to companies like AT&’T in the final hours of session?

They can’t, and they won’t need to if Fallin is elected governor.

We need to look past the lies and see who really stands for the values of Oklahoma.

Eric Smith is a public relations and political science senior. Eric’s endorsement of Jari on YouTube