Edmondson Endorses Askins

“I hope I made it crystal clear Tuesday night, and if there’s any question I’ll make it crystal clear again, the campaign is over, I support Jari Askins without reservation, and I will do everything I can to get her elected governor of Oklahoma. We have got to elect Jari Askins Governor of this state, no question about it” – Attorney General Drew Edmondson

Faithful Democrats –

This Saturday I witnessed a bold new direction for the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm Attorney General Drew Edmondson endorsed Lt. Governor Jari Askins as “the next Governor of Oklahoma!”

Our 2010 Homecoming Rally and Activists Hall of Fame Dinner was a huge success!  You were a vital part in honoring Jack Boyte, Troy Green, Miller Newman, Tommie Lou Levi, Charlie King, Juanita King, and Dr. John A. Reed Jr. as the new inductees into the Activist Hall of Fame.

Please consider honoring the tireless activism of our inductees, along with all of the great volunteers who made this event a huge success by spending one night a week volunteering for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

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In addition to our wonderful volunteers I would also like to thank my staff, in particular Kris Masterman and Dwight Clark.  This event would not have been possible without their dedication and effort.

We appreciate your hard work in helping to elect Democrats from the Governor’s office to County Commissioner.  I am eager to build on Saturday’s endorsement and will work tirelessly on your behalf for victory in November.   Thank you for your support and your commitment to the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

With Gratitude,

Todd Goodman

Chairman,Oklahoma Democratic Party

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