Congratulations Jari!

Payne County Democrats wants to Congratulate Jari Askins! We are excited and ready to work to have her as our next Governor. I want to thank Drew and Jari for making us proud and keeping the primary civil and exciting. We would like to thank all of our Democratic Candidates across the state for running and Congratulate those who won. I would like to thank Mark Myles for getting out there and hope this is not the last time we see him on the ballot. Jim Wilson also deserves a mention for his hard work. Democrats can look forward to seeing both of them on the ballot in the future.

PCD’s had a great time last night at our Williams for House Rally and Watch Party! We are fired up to work to retain Rep. Cory Williams in HD 34. We will be walking every weekend in August and would love to have anyone join us. It is going to be an exciting election and we have our work cut out for us but we can do it! We can show Payne County we are the party of the people working for people like you and me.