The Blue Chair 2013

Upcoming Activities &

Important Decisions

Payne County Democrats and Friends,

Happy New Year!

Many students may still be out of school, but the world has already started turning for 2013.  It is time to get busy again!

The Payne County Democrats have plenty of projects to start right now.  We need to prepare for the upcoming Oklahoma Democratic Party Conventions (elections, etc.) and the Diamond Donkey Gala (late April).  We also need to make an important decision about our current headquarters building (lease expires 3/31/13).

The following dates are already determined:

  • Precinct Meetings (elections) – Thursday, March 14 7 pm


  •  County Conventions (elections, etc.) – Saturday, April 6th 10 am or 2 pm (Counties with 3 delegates or less may vote to hold Precinct Meetings just prior to County Convention on same date)


  • District Conventions (elections, etc.) – Saturday, May 4 10 am or 2 pm


  • State Convention (elections, etc.) – Saturday, May 18th

We will be having open meetings to discuss these activities and decisions.  Dates and details for these meetings (discussions) will be announced in the next few days.

Your participation and input will help us make the best decision for our party.  Please make an extra effort to attend the discussions and/or submit your opinion.

I will tell you early that I do not intend to run for a county office again and I think we should close Headquarters till the summer before the next general election (June 2014).

How’s that to initiate our conversation for 2013? Why do I feel this way?  Well, come to the meetings and find out!  Everyone needs to hear your opinion too.

Peace 2 ya,
Jeff Pickens
PCD Chairman (April 2012-April 2013)