Meet ODP Chair Wallace Collins at the Social this Friday

Come join us at our regular biweekly Social on Friday and meet Wallace Collins, the new chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Our socials begin at 5 p.m. and go until everyone leaves.

Collins, who came to the social the night before our county convention in April, was elected chair on Saturday, May 14th at the State Democratic Convention along with vice chair Dana Orwig, secretary Dave Ratcliff, and treasurer Donna Russell. Rev. Dr. George E. Young, Dr. Carl Downing, Mayor DeNay Burris and Nicole Kirkpatrick were elected Affirmative Action members.

Don’t forget to bring food and drink to share with your fellow Democrats.

About Dennis Whiteman

Dennis Whiteman is chair of the Payne County Democrats, located in Payne County, Oklahoma. He believes that Democrats must work together to take this country back from the tax cut and spend special interests who are destroying our country.