Three Rally Buses Full; Waiting List Started…

Vicke Adams wrote on the Facebook Page for the ROAD TRIP from Stillwater to The Rally: “The seats on all three buses have been claimed. I will keep a waiting list in case some people do not get in their deposits or seats open up for some other reason. Thank you all for your patience with Ron and I as we tried to stay on top of the deluge of e-mail and phone calls. We appreciate you all and look forward to making this trip with you!”

If you want to get on the waiting list, contact Vicke Adams or Ron Honn at or by calling (405) 780-7405.

About Dennis Whiteman

Dennis Whiteman is chair of the Payne County Democrats, located in Payne County, Oklahoma. He believes that Democrats must work together to take this country back from the tax cut and spend special interests who are destroying our country.