Jari Askins @ Payne County Fair & Lights on Stillwater!

Join Jari Askins at the County Fair Opening Day Wednesday from 5:30pm to about 6:30pm to greet visitors to the Payne County Democrats Booth! Jari would love to meet you!

Then it is on to “Lights on Stillwater” on the lawn of the OSU Library. Jari Askins will join Rep. Cory Williams and Sen. Ken Corn to greet the OSU students and those in the community who come out for the exciting evening.

The weather should be gorgeous and there is fun to be had by all!

About Dennis Whiteman

Dennis Whiteman is chair of the Payne County Democrats, located in Payne County, Oklahoma. He believes that Democrats must work together to take this country back from the tax cut and spend special interests who are destroying our country.